The Legend of the Four Priestesses

Chapter 2: Destiny

"Welcome back Sieryu no Miko"

Yui blinked hearing a familiar voice, one that at times haunted her thoroughly, and often chilled her to the bone. She turned slowly, still in awe at her return to Kutou, but that voice, it was too familiar. She froze, the tall man before her was exactly who she d though. "N-Nakago!!" Her voice quivered and she turned to run.

"Yui, wait." Nakago remained calm and composed, doing nothing to stop her. "I may be the same Nakago, and my sleep is disturbed yet again, but I do not hold the same enmity I once did."

Yui stopped, Nakago had never lied to her before. At he never lied on something important. "I, I believe you." She turned and looked at Nakago.

"Come with me Sieryu no Miko, we have much work to do to atone for the past." He walked towards the palace of Kutou, Yui followed behind.

Upon reaching the palace, a second familiar face greeted her. "Welcome home, Yui-sama" A young man who had once loved the priestess looked at her, he was a bit older then his last life, though he really didn t change much from who he was.

"S-Suboshi? You re alive too?" She gasped, and some of the more pleasant memories of her last trip into the book re-surfaced.

"Yes Yui, I knew you were returning to us again, so I chose this form to come back. I would do anything to see you again, and you knew that." He smiled and led the way through the palace. Nakago and Yui followed him. "Much has change Yui-sama, yet much remains the same. Suzaku is still our enemy, but it is Suzaku that threatens this world."

Nakago cut him off. "You ve been brought back to this world Yui, to seal Suzaku, and spare this world. I chose to be reborn so I could atone for my past."

"How long has it been since that war, how long Nakago?" Yui pleaded to know how much had changed in the world she loved as a second home.

"Two hundred years" The only words that escaped the former general.

"And Miaka? Is she here?"

"Yui-sama? Why do you care about that Suzaku girl still??? She s the enemy." Suboshi still hadn t forgiven Miaka, he d never forgive anyone who caused Miaka pain.

Yui sighed. "Because she isn t with Suzaku. When she game to this world, she shone with Genbu s light, as I once did."

Nakago smirked his evil smirk, he wasn t planning ill on anyone, but old habits die hard. "Excellent. It would appear that we are all on the same side then."

Yui gasped, realizing a painful fact for the first time since hearing of Suzaku. "Oh no, I don t think Miaka will help us, she couldn t go against Tamahome." She sighed heavily. "Which means her and I, will be enemies again."

"Sieryu no Miko, if it makes you feel any better, my spy in Hokkan has already informed me that Miaka has set out to stop Emperor Boushin and Suzaku." Nakago spoke calmly, he didn t want Yui to worry more then she had to.

"Then she doesn t know that Tamahome is in this world. She couldn t possibly know." She raised an eyebrow and looked at Nakago with a sinister glare. "We can t allow her to know that Tamahome is her enemy, we ll need her and Genbu on our side to save this world."

"I suspected you d say that Yui, I already have my spies working on something."

"Thank you Nakago" Yui smiled. "Now, lets find the rest of the Sieryu Seishi, and see if we can stop this fate before it goes any further."

The two Seishi agreed and let her from the palace to begin their search. Little did they know how far the plot had already come.

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