The Legend of the Four Priestesses

Chapter 1: Everlasting Story

This is the story of a girl who gathered the seven Seishi of the Four Gods and gained omnipotent powers. The book itself is an incantation. Whoever finishes reading it will also receive these powers. When the page is turned, the story will become the truth and begin.

Three years had passed since Miaka and Taka had once again reentered Shi Jin Ten Sho, and banished Tenkou back to the plain of nothing to which he belonged. It had seemed life for the happy couple would for once be normal. Miaka now seventeen, and Yui, her best friend, were nearing the last few weeks of their final year in high school. But time flows like a river, and past events will happen again.

"Miaka!" Yui ran up to her friend who was busy gorging on various snack foods.

"Y-Yui-chan? What's the matter?" She retorted between chewing and swallowing.

Yui giggled a bit, "Nothing is wrong Miaka, but I have to return some books to the library will you go with me?"

"Yui!!! Remember what happened last time you dragged me to the library?"

"That was three years ago, and Shi Jin Ten Sho has been sealed for good, remember?"

"Miaka, Yui!" a dashing young man ran up to them smiling.

"Taka!!!" Miaka ran into his arms to embrace him.

Yui shook her head at the two young lovers, "Well anyway Miaka, I need to take these books back, you coming with me or not?"

"Hai, but only if Taka can come too!" Miaka beamed as she followed her friend to her car, Taka being dragged as was his usual style around Miaka.

Yui sat down into her car and Miaka and Taka slipped into the passenger seats. She started her car up and pulled away from her school and onto the main street to head to the library. The trip lasted only a few minutes, however Yui still shuddered at the lovers in her backseat gazing longingly into each other's eyes. "I really wish I had a boyfriend"

Miaka looked up for a second. "Did you and Tetsuya have another fight Yui-chan?"

Yui sighed as she pulled the car into a parking space at the library. "Well, yeah, but I don't know if I'll forgive him." She grabbed the books and got out of the car, heading for the library entrance.

Miaka and Taka followed her in. Miaka headed straight for the soda machine and Taka to the Fantasy section. Yui headed to the receptionist to return her books.

"Genbu no Miko." Miaka looked up hearing a voice in the back of her mind. "Genbu no Miko, come to me."

Miaka blinked for a moment. "Genbu???" She remained confused, why was Genbu calling her? She followed the voice back to the Important Documents Reference Room, a book she was all too familiar with.. "This, this is Shi Jin Ten Sho." Curiously, she opened the book and reread the first line. "This is the story of a girl who gathered the seven Seishi of the Genbu and gained omnipotent powers. The book itself is an incantation. Whoever finishes reading it will also receive these powers. When the page is turned, the story will become the truth and begin. I remember this." A green light enveloped her and began to draw her into the book yet again.

Yui and Taka both walked into the room just in time to see Miaka vanish into the book.

"Miaka!!!" Taka shouted as he ran to the book. "No, not again."

Yui picked up the book. "Sieryu no Miko." Yui looked around hearing the familiar voice in the back of her mind. "You are needed Sieryu no Miko."

"Sieryu?" Nakago's earring gleamed slightly as a blue light gathered about the young woman. "Why are you calling me again Sieryu?"

Taka watched the scene take place as a red light gathered about him. "We're all being called back Yui. I'll be going with you." Both vanished and found themselves in the book.

Miaka looked about the landscape, This wasn't the familiar land of Konan. This landscape was cold, and covered in a blanket of snow, and housing. She recognized the pillar behind her, the monument to the last priestess of Genbu, and the last place she saw Nuriko.

"So, you must be Genbu no Miko" The voice of a young man greeted her from behind. Miaka looked towards the youth in gray and green a bit startled. He looked to be about her age, with green eyes and blond hair, a pair of tonfa hung from his belt. "Don't be afraid, I'm a friend. My name is Hashiba Ryuo. But my Seishi name is Hikitsu." A symbol on his cheek shown bright green in it's glow. "Welcome to Hokkan Genbu no Miko."

Miaka looked at Hikitsu slowly, questioningly as well. "Why am I here?"

"Please, allow me to take you to the Governor, Gendoji Shinji, or Genbu Seishi Tomite. He'll explain everything to you." The young man started walking and removed a cloak from his backpack. "And put this on, or you'll freeze."

Miaka put the cloak around her, relieved to be warm, and followed the young man through Hokkan to the Governor's mansion. She looked about at the ornate decorations and extravagant living space. It reminded her of Hotohori's palace. An aged man, built like an ox greeted her at the entrance. "Welcome Genbu no Miko, I'm Tomite."

"Why did Genbu summon me here?" Miaka gazed over him as she nearly demanded an explanation.

"Ah Miaka, You had once sacrificed your life not only to save your world, but to save ours as well. But now Genbu and my people need you to protect these lands. War has broken out all over our world, the four kingdoms are fighting." The old man took a breath and sighed. "Everything started when Emperor Boushin the Second felt the need to expand Konan. It's not like him, or his family to do anything like this, I fear something greater is behind this."

"Boushin? Hotohori's son?" Miaka blinked, so it hadn't been that long after all.

"It's been two hundred years Genbu no Miko, this Boushin in the great great great grandson of the child you'd once met." Hikitsu spoke up as he let loose a sigh.

A slight tear welled in Miaka's eye. "How can he call himself Boushin, or any other name from Hotohori's family? If this is true, then he can't be related to Hotohori."

"Genbu no Miko, Miaka, I have no reason to lie to you." Tomite stood up. "We must find the other five Genbu Seishi soon, please Miaka, save our country."

"And you are not the only on to be summoned, Konan has found their Suzaku no Miko. And recent reports claim that Kutou has also found their Sieryu no Miko. If nothing is done soon, this world we be wracked with chaos, and that effect will spill over into your own as well." Hikitsu kept an eye on Miaka, He knew she had no choice.

"I can't, I can't turn my back on this world. I can't allow Boushin to taint his family name." She became full of purpose once again, as her spirit rose. "I'll help you to end this war. And this time, I'll bring peace to this world forever, I promise. But can we eat first?"