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Welcome to the Massive Fanfic Archive. Well, okay, so it's not that massive. Right now I only have my fics. But that can change, all I need is for you the readers to send them in. e-mail them on by at I'll try to update once a week from now on, as long as I have a fic to add or update. Now then rules.
1.) Please try to keep it to fanfic oriented works.
2.) Include the anime or video game the fic is based on in the e-mail (archiving reasons)
3.) PG-13 ratings people (I may allow some R, depending on the story, and the usage/reason for that rating)
4.) Send only your own work, I do scour the web and I will shoot anyone using another's work as thier own.

Fushigi Yuugi

Legend of the Four Priestesses

Demos Ryuu (AKA Matt Jordan)

The Universe of the Four Gods, Shi Jin Ten Sho, has always been wrought with mystery, turmoil, and priestesses. Now Miaka must face the one enemy she never knew she had, true love. Can her and Tamahome be together when on opposing sides of a war?


Star Dragon, The Legacy

Demos Ryuu (AKA Matt Jordan)

Lunar's Star Dragon had always been somewhat of an enigma, yet now he tells his tale to the next in line, so that his legacy may live on.

A New Beginning

Demos Ryuu (AKA Matt Jordan)

Hiro and company have finally mad it to Zophar, but Lucia is faced with a difficult decision. Is she willing to unleash Althena's power should the power of humanity fail? This is the story of what might have been.

Diary of a Fallen Hero

Demos Ryuu (AKA Matt Jordan)

Till now, no one had known what drove Ghaleon to take vengence upon Althena, but for the first time, his diary has been opened. And through each set of hands it's been held in, it's keeper has added thier piece of mind.

Dark Uprisings

Demos Ryuu (AKA Matt Jordan)

Lunar has always been a world in consistantly in the eyes of those whom would harm it. This is yet another of those tales. This is the tale of Jenna, a young girl who's quest to save Lunar may change the world, or even the galaxy, forever.

If Only Love Were Part of the Equation


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