The Diary of a Fallen Hero
Day 20:

Not only have I now had this thing for 200 years, but it is again time for me to bring you up to date on the history of the world. Peace still enraptures the world, some nights I even pray for a war, longing to see some action. My day consists purely of boredom these days. I've even found myself promoting violence once a year, at was has become my annual tournament. Of course, I probably shouldn't participate in it, since I do have Althena's sword, but I only fight to lessen this ever present boredom. Fortunately, the combatants are honor bound to not kill. Althena's guard, lead by the White Knight, is an ever present reminder that even I have a following. My Avatar, as the White Knight is considered, always asks me for guidence on how to serve the goddess. I should probably tell him that she will never return to Lunar, but why destroy such a deeprooted belief?

The Cult of the Blue Dragon has taken a strong foothold in Meribia. The old governer's mansion is now a huge martial arts dojo. The Blue Dragon's hero is the leader and extremely skilled at martial arts. I:n another few years, I'll turn my tournament over to him. The Black Dragon's hero is of the great line of the Ausa family, he has seen to the complete reconstruction of Vane. However, the magic guild no longer holds has much importance as it did in the days of the last dragonmaster.

Well, it seems that history flows like a river, unless you impeed it's flow, you will eventually see the same water. I'm doing my best to prevent Zophar's return, but I haven't yet found a way to damn this infernal river which destroyed the Blue Star. Perhaps, I should just wait until he's here to try and stop events from unfolding. At least then, I'll have help.