The Diary of a Fallen Hero
Day: 19

I last left off 100 years ago, I find it easier to give a summary of each century rather then each day, month, year, or decade. Very little has changed in such a short time. Why am I saying short, humans cannot grasp the concept of time as a dragon can, what I percieve as a short century, one or two generations of human life have come and gone. I've started a small tribe in Taben's Peak, the children call us the Lostest Boys, even though there are girls in the group. Most of these kids are orphans and have no where to turn. Thus I took it upon myself to raise them as my own children, until they can fend for themselves. It's hard to bear when they finally do grow up and leave, but I'm finding new children each day. I can't wait for the day to see you again though, I now consider you a friend, even though it won't seem the least bit obvious when I first see you. You'll have come to steal from me my aura, and to take back this book.

Meribia is no longer run by a single person, it's become a democratic city like most of the rest of Lunar. Vane is still grounded, as it will probably remain. However, peace still flourishes in this land. Many people are looking back to the days of the Magic Emperor as a Fairy Tale, as if it didn't happen. The Four Heroes, came together and built a city in tribute to the goddess Althena. They named it Pentegulia, or in the ancient tongue of the Blue Star, Althena's shrine of Beauty. It is a magnificent city. I feel less alone now, as I am also raising the Blue and Black dragons, each of which is planning on claiming thier aura within the next few years and taking on adulthood. Now all that remains the red dragon to hatch.

I still hold onto my treasures and the Sword of Althena, waiting for someone to claim it. I know the Dragon Angels should have it now, but they refused to take it back since there is no longer a need for a dragonmaster. When I speak of a dragonmaster it reminds me of Alex, and Luna, and everyone else who I will not see again till I myself leave this existence. Well, unless something interesting happens, this book will yet again collect a few years worth of dust.