The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 18:

It saddens me that I must hold onto this diary for nearly 900 years, what saddens me even more is that I cannot hold within this the history of Lunar well enough for you Ghaleon. For I am still the only dragon on Lunar, the eggs of the other clans are still yet to hatch. But why do the dragons exist now, we do not have a goddess to protect. What is our purpose now? Hopefully when I return this to you, our purpose will have become clear to me, but until that day, I will continue the legacy within this, your book, Ghaleon.

The reconstruction of Vane is proceeding well, the city is almost completely rebuilt. The Ausa family still presides over the magic guild, which is insignificant in this day and age, due to it's failure in protecting the city from the assault of the Magic Emperor. Ghaleon, The Magic Emperor wasn't you, just your hatred. As of now, the Frontier is a barren wasteland with no site of civilization. After the Grindary tore through it, the people fled to regions in which human life was better supported. The remnants of the almost extinct Vile tribe is all that remains. However, the Blue Spire has become visible in this region. It will, no doubt, draw forth many archeologists in the future to study it.

Caldor Island, my home, is now a frozen tundra. Only I and a few monsters live on the island. The people of Burg felt it necessary to move to a warmer continent, but during the trip the group disbanded and traversed throughout the world. I know this was once your home as well. I'd suggest you visit here when you first get a chance. I have also built myself a little hovel at what used to be Taben's workshop. Somehow it has moved to the area between Vane and Meribia. Oh well, Taben's Peak, as it's now called, is a wonderful second home for me. And being that I prefer human form right now, I need the warmer climate. But aside from these minor differences, Lunar is peaceful and unchanged from when you left it.