The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 16:

I was saddened today, when my adopted sister, my student died. I've decided that upon my death to give the black emblem to the black dragon for safe keeping. Each of the four heroes has agreed with me, and thus the emblems are to be returned to the dragon to which they belong. I have taken on a new student however to take over as the hero of the black dragon, he's the twin of my former student. Each dragon now lends it's power to the hero who serves him through a mental link. Although we no longer have the power of them emblems, we do hold the titles "Heroes of Althena" and are granted some powers that others do not possess. My student continues to bother me, so I guess I must train him. Till next time.

Day 17:

My mother, Althena, has given up immortality to remain with my father. My father was mortally wounded, and Althena refused to live without him. Therefore, no other dragonmasters can exist on Lunar until the Blue Stars revival is at hand. Nall is my best friend now, I see him nearly every day. He is the only being that knows of this journal and will return it to Ghaleon, when he is reborn. One last gift my mother gave me was an interractive recording that will play a vital role during the next major conflict that her heroes will face. It is my duty to give this to Nall before my death. I already know that my time is growing short, at least on this existance. I have inherited the ability of prophesy, and helped my mother in predicting Lunar's future. It is because of this that Zophar will be destroyed. I have already relinqueshed the title of Hero of the Black to my student. This is to be one of my last entries, so Nall will soon be the holder of this book. Ghaleon, know that my mother forgives you, finally after I was able to predict your role in Zophar's destruction.


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