The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 13:

I was surprised this morning, Nash and Mia came to me, each bearing a gift for me. Nash gave to me the Black Emblem, and the protectection of the Black Dragon. Mia gave to me this diary. She told me to read it, and keep a record of the days past in it. From what I've read, it belonged to Ghaleon. It accounts for his actions.

Day 14:

I'm leaving home tommarow. My mother has given me a song. This song is called "The Goddess's Prayer". I am the only human on Lunar that knows this song. I'm hoping to join Althena's Guard started by Evan Derek, the current White Knight. If I don't make it into the ranks of the Guard, I'll join the guild run by Tristam Ausa.

My father is taking me to the Memorial of Dyne today. He says this is what encouraged him to become a dragonmaster. He is then taking me to Nall's cave. It was in this cave that quote Ghaleon "Sealed my fate". I hope that one day I can prove to my father that I can follow in his footsteps.

Day 15:

I met with Nall today. He's nearly perfected human form, except for that brown stripe in his hair. He came to me with a gift from my mother. I now hold with me Althena's sword. Nall is the only creature I've shown this diary to. I told Nall, that I will give him this diary when I grow old, but that is a good many years. I met a young magic student today. My quest is over for a student. This girl is the one that will inherit the Black Emblem from me. The child's parents have taken me in and are treating me as a member of the family. I have become friends with Evan, the White Knight, and am an honorary member of Althena's guard.