The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 10:

I am writing today, a year after Alex and Luna were wed. Nash and I have been married as well. I find it a bit humorous that Jessica married Kyle. It seems that the 4 heroes have fallen in love with each other, and the dragonmaster fell in love with the goddess. Nall is experimenting with shape-shifting. According to legend, every 1000 years a dragon will come that can change form at will. It appears that Nall is that dragon. I've invited him to Vane, the city has been partially rebuilt, to study magic.

Kyle has already found a young child, not even a year old, to take the job of the White Knight. He convinced the childs parents to allow him to raise the child.

I'm planning on giving my first daughter the Blue Dragon's protection. Nash doesn't know that we are expecting a child yet. I'll tell him in a few weeks.

Day 11:

My child is nearly 4 years old now. I'm training her to use magic and continue on my quest to restore Vane. Alex and Luna are expecting a child now. Nash has already offered to give their child the Black Emblem. Now only Jessica has yet to find a student. Kyle and Jessica's adopted son is as skilled a swordsman as Alex, I see now why Kyle chose this boy.

My mother is growing old, I fear her life is nearly over. I'm doing everything I can to comfort her in her last years. She said to me that she was glad to see me marry Nash.

Day 12:

Jessica found a child to be the Fiery Priestess. The young girl is twelve. Jessica told me that she was giving the child a chance to live before she had to accept her destiny. My daughter is 18, I am passing to her the Blue Dragon's protection. Nash has given Gilan, Alex and Luna's son, the Black Emblem. I feel ready to retire, and pass this journal into a new age. Tomarrow I'll give it to Gilan.

                                            Mia Ausa 

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