The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 6:

This diary came into my possesion yesterday. I've been up half the night reading it. It contains secrets of Ghaleon's life that make me pity him. It tells of his actions and his regret. I also understand now why it was so easy for Alex, Nash, Kyle, Jessica, and myself to beat him. If it weren't for the fact that Dyne had lived, all would have been lost. It's been nine days since the battle. I've been spending this time trying to gain enough money to restore Vane, but few people in this world are as generous as I had once thought.

Ever since the battle, my companions have spread to the winds. Nash is supposed to meet me here in Ruid, but he's already a day late. I saw Dyne the other day. He's looking great since Xenobia's spell wore off. My mother is doing fine, she was in Meribia tending to Mel. I was so relieved to see her alive. Other then that, I'm alone with nothing to to but continue to make my thoughts a part of history.

Day 7:

Nash arrived in Ruid today, but I've been too busy to see him. I made arrangements to speak with him tomarrow. I may or may not show him this diary. I'm not sure I'll show anyone. It might be important for this story to be spread throughout the world, but I do not feel I have the courage.

Day 8:

I spoke with Nash today. He's having as much luck as I am finding donations for Vane. Together we've only collected 10,000 silver. It wasn't until the fall of Vane however that I realized Nash had feelings for me, and that I had feelings for him. I realized today that every time he's gotten near to me, I've turned my back to him.

Nash and I are moving on, Ruid seems to have nothing to offer. We are heading to Burg now. I'm hoping Alex and Luna will help us restore Vane to it's beauty, if it's even possible.

Day 9:

It took a week for me to travel to Burg, but it was well worth it to see the goddess and her gaurdian. They each promised to help me find donations for Vane's restoration. Hopefully, coming from Luna and Alex will raise a lot of money.

Already Luna is giving to Kyle, Jessica, Nash, and myself four emblems, each representing a dragon. To Kyle, the white emblem, which stands for purity and justice. To Jessica, the red emblem, which stands for courage and strength of will. To Nash, the black emblem, which stands for hardiness and valor. To me, the blue emblem, for innocence and perserverence. She wants us to act as the gaurdians of the 4 dragons. She also wants us to pass these on to 4 youths who we find worthy of the goddess's blessing.

Kyle and Jessica are also in Burg. I never understood what she saw in Kyle, but then, I never understood what I saw in Nash. Luna and Alex also told us of their upcoming wedding. Once again the 4 Heroes will be together. I finally worked up the courage to ask Nash to marry me.

                                            Mia Ausa 

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