The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 4:

My master Ghlaeon has given me the care of this diary until I am able to find his daughter, Mia. My name is Gaurdiana and it has been nearly a week since Ghaleon died. I'm already heading to Vane to find Mia, but since the city fell to the Earth, I'm afraid she won't be there. I went to a store owned by a man named Ramus and asked if he knew Mia. He said that she came through on her way to Vane. I then decided to follow.

Day 5:

I reached Vane, the city is a mess. Buildings are nothing more then piles of stone. I only saw one person alive and thousands of others dead. I realize now that Ghaleon was wrong to use the goddess for evil.I asked the lone survivor if Mia had been here. She pointed me to Burg. Then I saw the hole, or rather the crater. It covered half the city. I asked the woman what caused it. She began crying and muttering the words "Althena". I knew that Althena was powerful, but to be able to make a weapon this horrible, this dangerous, I began to cry.

I guess I was at the Shrine of Althena, I didn't realize it because I had passed out. The High Priest took me in. When I awoke, I asked her if she knew Mia Ausa. She laughed and said she indeed knew the young magess. "How could I not know her? I helped her save Lunar." This quote instantly told me I was in the presence of Jessica de Alkirk. She took me to the city of Ruid. It was here that I found Mia. I'll give her this journal tomarrow.


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