The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Ghaleon appeared in the room, Nall looking at him slightly filled with joy and sorrow at once.

"So, you've come for my aura."

"You are very astute Nall, I'd figure being the oldest member of your clan you'd put up the biggest fight to keep your aura."

Nall removed a book from his pouch and handed it to Ghaleon. "Take my aura, but promise me that you will read this before you return to Zophar. I'm sure it will pain you some, but it will explain much to you as well."

"What? What do you mean?" He looked the book over for a moment.

"It's your book, it came under my care 900 years ago, and if you read it you'll understand." Nall returned to his throne.

"My diary, but why didn't Mia keep it?" A tear left Ghaleon's eye and rolled down his paled cheek.

"Your daughter had her reasons, but I don't know what they were. I only read the first couple of pages, the only entries you made before your death. You should leave now Ghaleon and seek the peace that belongs in your soul."

"You are right, as you were a thousand years ago." He gathered himself in his cape, and vanished from sight.

He reappeared at what was the sight of his former castle, the mobile Grindery. He sat quietly in the back room, and opened to the second page of his diary and began reading. Tears welled in his eyes as he saw how his story had become that of others as well. The tears escaped as he read how the goddess had forgiven him. He finished reading and stood up, made his way to the only alter that had been in his castle and kneeled. "Thank you Althena, your forgiveness is the only peace I'll ever need."