The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 21:

I realize that a few entries prior to this I stated that I'd update the history every hundred years, but what good is it to speak of history when none is made? At this point only one year has yet to pass until your revival. The only things I really have to tell you from the past 599 years sinced my last entry are of an unbroken peace. It is a shame that this peace will break over the next year however. I'd begun to get used to the idea that I may never be needed again. However, due to my inability to prevent the dark god's ressurection, my purpose may yet again play into the fate of Lunar. Although it may not seem like it when you first come to me to steal my aura, I believe in you and wish you the best of luck. Since you and I are the only beings to know of your plan, I will keep it between us. That is the only sure way to keep your plan from being unfolded before the time of your revival.

The White Knight, Lord Leo of Althena's Guard has come to me frequently, he seeks to understand why he must be constantly purifying himself. As Zophar's arrival neared, I had him do this to prevent his falling to the dark powers. Unfortunately, I could not prevent the Black Sage Borgan, the Red Priestess Mauri, or the Blue Oracle Lunn from falling into the hands of the evil one. I still believe that these 3 can be saved.

The red dragon hatched about 16 years ago. She's been under the care of Gwen, an archeologist, and his adopted grandson Hiro. Hiro is one of the distant ancestors of Alex and Luna, as well as the only remaining member of the Vile Tribe. The only real thing that remains of this once evil race is the one destined to destroy Zophar. The green markings on his face will be the only sign you'll find left of the Vile Tribe.