The Diary of a Fallen Hero

Day 1:

It is my hope that these entries into history will help to atone for my sins.

I shall start when it all began. Fifteen years ago, the goddess Althena asked my friend Dyne to destroy the Black Dragon. I begged him to allow me to help him. We entered the beast's cave, it smelled of dung. Then from nowhere came a roar. We had found the beast. Dyne charged it and in a clash of man vs beast the cavern collapsed. I knew that if anyone could survive, it would be Dyne. I waited a day, a week, a month. He never came. It was then that I realised, he was never coming back. That day, a part of me, my sanity, died.

I returned home to Vane, a hero, but I did nothing. Lemia, my love and companion at arms, made me the premier member of the magic guild. During this time, I made a pact with the Vile tribe.I wouls capture the goddess Althena and turn her powers to the ways of evil. Lemia discovered my plan, so I placed her in a secure and hidden prison, then replaced her with the shape-shifting Xenobia. Lemia's daughter, my daughter, Mia suspected something. To her, her mother had seemingly changed overnight. I reassured her that it was just her imagination, never once revealing that I was her father. Years passed, as I watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. I never acted as her father, for she never knew I was.

Then came a day I would not soon forget. A young boy, by the name of Alex, came to Vane by way of my apprentice, Nash. I could sense that this boy would become a dragonmaster, I had to set my plan into action. I sent him on a journey to defeat a man who falsely claimed to be a dragonmaster. He returned, that's when I noticed the ring. I realized that Quark, the White Dragon, had already accepted him. I knew that error must be delt with. I asked him to take me to meet the old dragon. It was there that I sealed my destiny. I turned my powers on Althena's defences. I still remember hearing the tears in Alex's voice as the dragon slumpt over, mortally wounded. The entire world knew my intentions now, and it was only a matter of time before my plan would be complete. But that is all for today.

Day 2:

I left the cave. Later I discovered Xenobia had captured Althena, but there was no way for me to break her with the other 3 dragons alive. I went after the Red Dragon first. I easily defeated him, but not before he gave Alex his blessing. Then I turned to the Blue Dragon. Once again I succeeded, Nash turned out to be on my side. He gave me the helmet of the Blue Dragon, making it impossible for Alex to become a dragonmaster. I was now watching Alex carefully, for he was seeking the Black Dragon. I then realized that Nash had vanished, and so did the helmet. I went mad for letting my guard down.

Finally the day came when Alex met the Black Dragon. I watched as the skeleton of the dragon attacked Alex and his companions, including my daughter. It took them nearly an hour to find it's weak point and play on it. The dragon fell to the Earth, dead yet again. Tears came to my eyes seeing what had caused my insanity. This being killed my best friend. I looked from my post at Alex, taunting him. "You just killed your last hope of becoming a dragonmaster."

Soon he was off to Althena's tower to claim the last armament to become a dragonmaster. I realized as he left Myght's tower that Dyne didn't die. Xenobia reported to me that Dyne had given the young dragonboy time to escape. It was at this time that I began to regret all of my sins. I realized that my cause for fighting wasn't really a cause, but a friend who failed to contact me. I wept for a week. In this time Alex became a dragonmaster. He is on his way to challenge me now. I am going to let him defeat me, for it's the only way I can atone.

Day 3:

Alex made it to my palace, and to my throne room. He defeated me and broke my power over Althena. Mia, if your reading this, then I must be dead. Please, spread my story throughout the lands. I hope that you can forgive me for not telling you of our relationship and for my sins. Please understand that what I did was for a friend who never died, but for a friend who made it seem as if he was dead. Dyne, I forgive you for all the suffering you caused me, and in turn I hope you forgive me for the suffering I brought upon this world.


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