Dark Uprisings
Chapter 9: Holy Darkness

"Genn, Aguinar, Jenna, attack the orbs, it's the only way to render him powerless." Krysta telepathically linked her mind to the others so she could lead them in this battle, even though her body was too weak to participate.

Jenna and Aguinar took the two orbs that were hovering near Delwyn's front, while Genn circled around behind him. They still couldn't get too close to Delwynn, for even though his barrier had been broken, the energy emitted from each orb was strong enough to repel the insuing attacks.

"Concentrate magic on each orb at once and you can get close enough to strike." No one questioned Krysta, only because of her knowledge of Althena's four heroes.

"Demos, get over here and help us! We can't defeat him just the three of us!" Jenna yelled at the beast, forcibly drawing him into the battle as well.

Jenna began gathering energy around her scimitar, preparing for her only magic attack, the Dragon Cannon. Genn jumped into the air, higher then most normal men, and as he began his descent, a bluish-grey aura encased him and his axe. Aguinar threw his sword into the air and spread his arms out. His sword hovered about ten feet above him, golden bolts of lightning striking at it from nowhere. Demos's orange crests began glowing brightly gold, a wave of energy gathering around his mouth.

Delwynn looked about and noticed everyone gathering up the ether to attack, and began to do so himself. Each orb started shining silver, with a purple glow emanating from them. The glow grew as more and more energy gathered. Delwynn began an intricate pattern with his hands and drew an arcane symbol in the air. Soon all the energy in the orbs surged into his body

"Dragon Cannon release thy anger!" Jenna pointed her sword at her orb and released all her energy, shattering the orb.

"Flaming Thunder, be true in your aim, shatter the world!" Aguinar's sword, encased by a golden barrier of thunder seared towards it's orb, gaining the heat of friction before it pierced it's orb, and stuck within the ground.

"Holy Darkness, purify the mind, release all evil from thine soul" Delwynn turned and blasted at Genn with a pure beam of black that darkened the entire cavern for a moment, and when all light returned, Genn was lying on the ground battered and unconscious.

Demos opened wide his mouth, a beam of light crashing into the final orb, melting it in the intense heat of the little dragon's Solar Flare.

With the destruction of his last orb, Delwynn fell to the ground, weakened, but not out. "Congratulations. You've beaten me and you may now pass. But first, allow me to join you. You five do not have nearly enough power to destroy the Unholy Soldier, and even with me, we are too weak. There are four others who we must join with if we are to stand a chance."

"What about those two?" Demos flew down to Jenna's shoulder to catch his breath.

"They should be fine, my attacks weren't meant to kill, this time, only disable. They should be back at full strength in an hour or so, just in time for us to meet them back here. Now let's continue on to the Black dragon." Delwynn turned and led the warriors down the final corridor to the lair of the monstrous Black dragon of Althena.