Dark Uprisings
Chapter 8: Friend or Foe

Blackness filled the sky as night once again fell upon the travelers. The Destiny's crew maintained the ship's course, and defended against any attacks while the four warriors and Demos slept each night. But with each rise and fall of the Silver Star, Lunar's fate became more desperate. Yet a shimmer of hope now shined upon the planet, for now two heroes had arisen to face the evil. Occasionally Jenna would awaken at night in a cold sweat, her nightmares had become more frequent the closer they came to the end.

Morning came in brilliant hues of red, yellow, blue, and white. As the warriors awoke, the Destiny reached the entrance to the black dragon's cave. Krysta gave her crew orders to guard the entrance of the cave with their lives and more if necessary. Then the group headed towards the cave mouth. Leading the way this time was Aguinar, with Jenna to his left. Aguinar and Krysta followed close behind. Demos, as always, hovered just above the group.

"Welcome to my cave dragon warriors!" An unfamiliar echo resounded through the caverns. "Make your way to me if you dare."

"Who's there?" Jenna yelled at the top of her lungs.

"I'm thinking that'd be the black dragon." Demos cut in just as he always did, stating the obvious.

Explosions could be heard in the distance, as well as some metal on metal clashes. The first order of business was to make it to whatever was fighting and see if help could be given. When the party finally did arrive at the site of the raucous, all that was left was a man clad in black, three orbs surrounding him, each crackling with the raw ether that empowered his magic.

"You!!!" Krysta almost fell back.

"Yes Lady Krysta, it is I." The mysterious man was blocking the only tunnel that had yet to be explored by the group. "I cannot allow you to pass, for my master has ordered me not to let any through."

"You know this guy Krysta?" Aguinar looked at her slightly taken.

"Of course, he is Black Sage Delwynn, one of the four heroes of Althena." Krysta immediately drew her weapon. "We will kill you if you do not move from our path Wynn. We must see the dragon, and we will not allow you to stop us."

"My, how I've missed that temper of yours Krys, however, I must fight you, for you see, I am the black dragon's test. "Delwynn's orbs sprang to life, encircling him and creating a protective barrier around him. A purple aura grew about him as he drew ether into his body, preparing any magics he would use to test the warriors.

Aguinar, Jenna, and Genn each drew their weapons and sprung into motion, only to crash into the barrier Delwynn had formed, falling to the ground in pain. A white aura encased Krysta as she charged Delwynn; she crashed into the barrier with such force, that both her and Delwynn dropped to the ground. She lay motionless, yet Delwynn staggered in getting up slowly. His barrier  now completely gone, he'd have to rely purely on overpowering their force with his magic.

"Now that I'm warmed up, give it your all. Not like you stand a chance anyway." Delwynn smiled an almost evil smile just as everyone, but Krysta stood and charged at him.