Dark Uprisings
Chapter 7: An Old Friend

Five lights at five points around a large pit flared. From four of the points emerged fierce warriors, from the fifth came a small flying yellow cat. Soon the five lights formed beams connecting them to for a star. In the middle of the star shot a white flame. A young man emerged from the flame, standing atop it in the center of the crater. He was pale skinned, with white hair. A single streak of brown hair shot through the middle of his hair, and his clothes seemed to be made of fabric unlike any on the entire planet of Lunar.

"Why have you come here?" His voice echoed throughout the cavern, resounding with much regality.

"We came seeking the White Dragon!" Aguinar yelled, much less impressively then this strange young man.

"Ha! So the third group comes seeking me. Very well, I'll hear you out." He jumped from the flame, which extinguished, and landed on the newly formed floor between the five travelers. "By the way, my name is Nall."

"Nall is it? You think that maybe it's uh, oh I don't know, maybe a bad idea to threaten potential Dragonmasters?" Demos looked at this young man sternly. "And how do you, a mere man, come off claiming to be of the Dragon Clan?"

"Shush Demos!" Jenna glared at him.

"Oh and congratulations to two of you. Of the ten people that have sought me, you are the only ones to pass my test." Nall looked at them all, then signaled with his left arm for them to follow him.

He led them down a narrow path to a room filled with a white crystal and the White Dragon Wings. Nall shined brightly white for a moment, blinding everyone in the room. As soon as the light faded, a magnificent White Dragon sat perched in the center of the room, half curled around the crystal. The entire group gazed at the dragon in awe.

"Will I get that big???" Demos looked at this great beast in awe. "That is so cool!"

"Well now that we're here I have something to give you. Jenna, Aguinar, step forward and receive the blessing of the White Dragon, for you have both admirably completed my test and are on the path to becoming a dragonmaster. But I warn you that only one of you may become the dragonmaster." Nall gave to them each the White Dragon Wings. They were both surprised that two sets could exist.

"Wait, I wasn't even tested Nall" Krysta looked up to the dragon.

"That is because you are my avatar, the White Knight. If I were to test you, you would have passed because of the protection I grant you." He gazed at her almost lovingly. "Now then, Aguinar, while you show much skill as a fighter as well as a passion to this planet, you have much to learn in the ways of the dragon master. Jenna, you host an untrained power, greater then that of any other on this world. If you could learn to focus your magical abilities, you'd be unstoppable."

Genn looked at the dragon, "You spoke of 2 other groups, what were thier configurations?"

"One was a lone wizard, the Black Sage, and for the same reason Krysta was not tested, he was able to only meet with me. Thus he could not attain the powers of the dragon master. The other group contained a pair of warriors, the Red Priest, and the Blue Oracle. The warriors were twins, and apart they are powerless, but together they unleash awesome attacks. But the lack of single fighting prowess eliminates them as candidates. The priest and the oracle, just as the sage, can only meet the dragon whom they seek. It would be completely pointless for me to test them."

Genn looked pleased with this information. "Well, at least we know we have allies in our quest."

"You will meet up with them soon. Go now travelers, and seek to save this planet from total destruction." Nall shimmered, and as the light died, the four warriors, and their little dragon, found themselves back on the deck of the destiny, their course already set for the black dragon's cave.