Dark Uprisings
Chapter 6: Realizations, The Power Within

Jenna found herself on a long spiraling stairway. After traveling on it for a while, she thought that it would continue endlessly until she finally starved to death. But to her surprise, luck was on her side. She finally came to a part of the cavern where there was a large room. "I wonder how the others are doing."

"Grrrrrrrrrr" A loud rumbling came from the only other cavern leading into the room. Two giant glowing balls of red greeted her from the darkness.

"Uh, I think I woke it. And it doesn't sound to friendly either." Jenna moved back towards the stairway, only to find an ice sheet had blocked her way. Now her choices were fight or die. She drew her saber and brought to her front.

The glowing red balls drew nearer, the form of a large lizard forming as they did. It loosed another roar, glistening pearl shining from it's mouth. It was almost upon her when she realized the entire thing was made of ice. She sheathed her sword and began casting a spell. "Flames arise, burn with the ethers of Hell's Brimstone!" A pillar of fire engulfed the giant ice lizard, but to no avail. It charged her, more furiated then anything.

Again she drew her sword, only she had trouble grasping it as she ran. The lizard was behind her by only a few feet. She turned and kneeled, remaining steadfast, holding her sword in a constant vertical position. The lizard didn't have enough time to stop and slid right through the sword. It collapsed after getting gutted by Jenna.

"Alright!!! I won!!!" Jenna dropped her sword and jumped in the air.

The creature loosed another growl and stood itself back up. It's eye's glowed bright crimson, signaling that it was furiated. It charged Jenna again and connected, smashing her into the far wall. She fell limp to the ground after sliding down the wall. The beast walked over to her and opened wide it's gaping maw to engulf her.

A bright light encased Jenna, warmth filling her body. She stood, just as the beast closed it's mouth. From inside the lizard was a white flash, so bright in this ice cave that anything would have been blinded. When the light faded, all that was left were charred ground, and Jenna, lying unconscious near the only exit of the cavern.

She awoke and stumbled around for a few minutes. "Where am I??? Is this the after-life? The last thing I remember was being slammed into this wall by that lizard. But, I don't feel dead." She stood slowly and went crashing back into the ground. "Ouch. I think death would have been a lot less painful." She finally gained her footing. "What happened to the ice cavern I was in?" Then she noticed the corridor she was near. She began a journey down it. After a few minutes she came into a bright light, which engulfed her. "Now, how did I survive that fight?"