Dark Uprisings
Chapter 5: Warrior's Instinct

Genn opened his eyes after making it out of the bright light. He was shocked to find that Aguinar was no longer in front of him. "Demos, where'd everyone go?" Nothing was all that answered him. "Demos??? Where are you little guy?" Again silence answered him. Then he shifted his axe into a defensive posture. He was alone, and would have a very difficult time if he were attacked.

He began down the only path in front of him. After a few minutes of walking he came to a large room with only one exit aside from the way he came. Down that passage, however, was a pair of large Polar Bears. They were obviously mates and the moment they sensed him in their lair, they charged. The male, who was almost as tall as Genn, brought his claw down, Genn barely had enough time to block it away with his axe. Genn then twirled his axe, decapitating the male. The female bear, who was still a foot shorter then Genn, charged him. She succeeded in tackling Genn and knocking his axe away. She bit at his face. Genn brought his hands into her mouth and held it open, then wrestled the bear to her back. Genn, who'd become more furiated then anything else, and brought his fist into the beast's chin, shattering it's jaw. His other hand came down right between it's eyes, then he ran for his axe. The bear slowly stood, and staggered just long enough for Genn to take hold of his weapon. The bear charged Genn once more after regaining her bearing. Genn took the opportunity to swing his axe in a semi-circular motion, slicing the bear in two.

He leaned on his axe, catching his breath from the battle. "Whew, that was close. Too bad there's never been a bear big enough to do me in." He stood back up and continued down the path. Then he saw why the two bears were so quick to attack. Three cubs were huddled together in a small hole in the wall. Genn just looked at them a moment and carried on, his instinct leading him towards fate more then compassion.

He came into another room, the ceiling black as night. Then he saw the ears of a few hundred bats, at least a quarter of which he knew were vampiric. He strapped his axe to his back and laid close to the floor. Any sound could wake the bats and be his death. As soon as he was down, he outstreached his arms and "swam" across the ice floor. It took him ten minutes to cross. When he finally did reach the corridor again, he stood and shivered, trying to warm himself after having to crawl across the ice belly first.

Another 45 minutes passed and he reached a white light. The light seemed to grow, and absorbed him into it.