Dark Uprisings
Chapter 4: Separation Anxiety

Aguinar led the party to a stairway just beyond the shadowy image of the boy. Following behind him was Genn, who was carrying his axe in hand, and wearing Demos on his shoulder. Lady Krysta was following behind, carrying her sword in a defensive posture. Lastly was Jenna, the most unprepared. She still wore her sword in it's sheath.

A white light shone from the stairway. Aguinar was the first through, as he appeared at the other side he turned and waited for the rest of the party. After about 5 minutes, he made an attempt to go back up the stairs, only to find that there was no stairwell.

"Dammit, where'd they all disappear to???" He looked around then created a mind shield on his left arm. He turned back around and began a journey down the path that was the only available. After about an hour of walking he came to a fork. There was a path to his right, one to his left, and one straight ahead. He broke apart a stick and stuck one piece in the corridor he'd just come from, and one to the right path, which he promptly began down, only a few steps in and a five winter wolves charged him. He barely had enough time to get his shield in front of them.

"Damn, that's gotta be the wrong path." he took a few steps back and brought his sword down in front of him. The first of the wolves leaped toward him, claws first, followed by it's maw of fangs. Aguinar quickly made a swipe with his sword, slicing the beast in half. Three of the other wolves shied away. The last wolf charged him and swiped him with it's claw, knocking from his left arm, the shield. Now with his left arm throbbing, blood dripping from it, he barreled his sword through the skull of the wolf. It fell to the ground and twitched for a second before finally ceasing to move.

Aguinar walked back to the main corridor and casts a healing spell on his arm, then reformed his shield. Now he had only a path in front of him and immediately to his right. The path to his left is the way he'd originally come. He picked up a rock and tossed it into the air, it landed by the path in front of him. He moved to it, but stumbled. He then sat against the wall and rested for a while.

"Those wolves took more out of me then I thought." He stood back up and followed the path. After a while he came upon a dead end. "Guess this ain't the right one either." He turned around and ran into a small Demon made entirely of ice. It landed directly in front of him and created a sword of ice. Aguinar crossed his sword with it in an chivalrous way. The demon however began to attack immediately, causing Aguinar to go on the defensive. After a few clashes of steal and ice, Aguinar bagan his onslought. The demon's blade was shattered, and as it turned to run, Aguinar pierced his blade through it's back. Aguinar then returned to the main corridor, the only path yet remaining was the one now to his left.

"Alright, only one more choice. This has to be the right one." He began down the path and was enveloped by yet another white light.