Dark Uprisings
Chapter 3: Ghosts of the Past

After a few hours of traveling, the four weary travelers made it to Ghalenia. The city glimmered in the waning sunlight. It was only a few hours before nightfall, but the four travelers knew that resting now wasn't an option. The first place they would go to upon entry into the city, was Althena's shrine to pay tribute in return for her blessing. Afterwards they sought out the port.

"Excuse me sir, is this the ship bound for Caldor Island?" Jenna looked upon a burly man, who seemed to be a local ship's captain.

"No ma'am, the only ship going there would be the Destiny captained by Lady Krysta. She should be over by dock twelve." The captain pointed them off in the direction.

"Lady Krysta? Lady Krysta? Where have I heard that name?" Aguinar mumbled to himslef, pondering upon the familiar name. "Wait, she has to be the White Knight."

He then looked up, just in time to glance the silver haired child. She seemed no older then ten years, yet somehow she managed the title of knight, not to mention aquiring the assistence of the White Dragon. She wore a white cape with red lining on the inside, a white shirt, and white pants. Her cape dragged on the ground, as it was obviously made for someone older then her. at her left side, dragged a short sword.

"Your the White Knight???" The group all looked at her shocked by her short stature and apparent lack of life experiance.

"Is that a problem? Yes, I am the White Knight. How may I help you?" Her momentary anger vanished into a smile.

"Well, we need to get to Caldor Island as soon as possible." Genn looked at the little girl, hardly giving her credit enought to be one of the legendary heroes.

"Very well, but may I ask why? The only thing there is the cave of the White Dragon."

"Well, we are going there to revive the Dragonmaster so we may prevent the Unholy Soldier from eradicating our world." Jenna looked at the girl sternly.

"Very well, I shall take you there, only if you will allow me to join you in your quest." The girl seemed to be playing with them now.

"Just what we need," Demos said, "another bratty little kid."

"Well then Demos, glad you finally admit to that." Genn laughed whole-heartedly.

The moment they boarded, the Destiny set off to it's destination. Caldor Island was only a few hours travel, but now sleep would be of the utmost importance. While her crew manned the ship and navigated their way to the island, Lady Krysta and her party slept. By the time the island had been reached, night had fallen. However, the arctic night of this barren land was the best time to travel across it. The journey on foot between the Destiny and the Dragon cave was only an hour.

"We finally made it." Jenna leaned against the mouth of the cave catching her breath.

"Who goes there!!!" A thunderous voice boomed from the deep crevice. "No one is welcome here, except to die."

"What cave adventure would be complete without a death threat?" Demos pirched on Jenna's arm. "I say we turn back."

"No, we must enter if a dragonmaster is to be had, or else our world is doomed." Aguinar drew forth his blade. "I suggest you follow my lead."

The rest of the group drew upon their weapons and entered the cave. Not more then 100 yards into the cave, they came across a holographic image of a young man with white hair and a brown streak through it. "I told you fools to turn back, since my warning was not followed you all will die. Come to me if you think you can survive my tests." And with that, the cave was sealed off from the outside world.

"What do we do now? There's no way out." Jenna, the first to notice that the entrance was only one way.

"Well, that's what you get for going the wrong way on a one way street." Demos sorta smiled.

"Will you cut the damned sarcasm!!!!" Genn grabbed him and squeezed.

"Alright, if you let me live!!!" Demos bit his hand and flew away. "I promise, no more. At least until we get out of here. Now why did that white haired man seem so familiar?"