Dark Uprisings
Chapter 2: Demons are Forever
"Wake up Jenna!" Genn looked at his friend, shaking her wildly. "It's damn near morning."

"Huh??? That was one hell of a dream" She shook her head a moment as she sat up. "I saw a man who seemed shrouded in darkness, yet somehow, I felt as if I knew him. Even though I've never seen him before."

Genn laughed. "If you've never seen him before, then hell in the hell do you know him?"

"I can't explain, but when he touched me, I felt a warmth that I'd never felt before." She smiled, longing to be back in the dream.

"So, what's for breakfast???" Demos flew to Genn's shoulder

Genn stroked his beard, and thought for a few minutes. "Well, let's see what we can scrounge up."

"Genn, look over there" Jenna pointed towards something. "See that city? Let's wait till we get there to eat."

Demos frowned and looked at his stomach, then he looked to the city that stole his meal. The city was beautiful, nothing like the stories he'd heard about them. From it, shot a tower, seeming to go on forever into the sky. "Wow, that's amazing. Genn, do you know what city this is?"

"Sure do, it's the holy city Ghalenia, most likely where the Unholy Soldier will first strike." Genn smile "Oh well, we'll be there in an hour or so. And we should probably look into a little help against this guy."

After about a half hour ride they ran into a young man carrying a rather strange looking metal staff. He was about as tall as Genn, but looked to be only as old as Jenna. His golden hair and eyes are what caught the attention of the travelers to him. Almost everything on him contained some hue of yellow, gold or orange. His cape however, was darker then everything else, a maroon color, which seemed almost like blood flowing as it flapped in the wind.

"Greetings traveler." Jenna jumped from the wagon and landed next to the stranger.

"Greetings ma'am." He said rather politely. "And to what do I owe the honor of meeting such a pretty face?"

"Well, I'm not that pretty, but I was just wondering what that metal stick is."

"It's not a stick, it's an ancient weapon called a rifle. It works by launching metal balls at extreme speeds into a target, much more effective then a bow and arrow."

"Jenna, we gotta get to Ghalenia. So get your ass back in the wagon and let's go." Genn seemed harsh and forceful.

"Ghalenia? That's where I'm headed, could I join you?"

"sure!" Demos shouted "Just, um, I don't know, could you tell us your name?"

"Just call me Aguinar." he promptly replied.

"Well, I'm Jenna, this big guy beside me is Genn, and the flying cat is Demos." She moved into the wagon with him and continued to converse with him. "So Aguinar, why are you going to Ghalenia?"

"I believe that I am one of the chosen few who can possibly stop the Unholy Soldier." He smiled. "But that's probably just another false legend."

"Hey, that's the same reason we're heading there." She looked a little shocked. "Any idea how we're gonna defeat him?"

"Well, we should probably try to reactivate the dragon master to defeat him, but that means going to the four dragons." He looked out at Genn. "We need to go to Caldor Island first, and find the White Dragon."

"But which one of us will become the dragon master?" Jenna looked puzzled.

"I don't know, it may not even be any of us." Aguinar laughed and leaned against the wall to sleep.

"Hey!!! What about breakfast???" But no one heard Demos.