Eternal Struggle
Chapter 12: Ambitions of the Heart

Awakening from her death-like sleep, Jenna looked about her new surroundings. Darkness came to her eyes, she called out to the others, and yet only silence answered her. "Did I die?" She thought to herself. Then she remembered the wound she recieved from Noread, the pain had left her. "That must be it, I'm dead."

"You are wrong my child" A beatiful, yet mysterious feminine voice answered her this time. "You are merely asleep, though you still may die unless your friends are able to save you."

"Who are you? Please show yourself." She turned about, looking through the darkness, hoping beyond hope to find out who spoke to her.

"I once ruled your world as Althena, but now I am simply called Luna." A blue haired girl appeared before her, in a ghostly image. "I traded my immortality to be with Dragonmaster Alex, who I loved dearly. However, the times in which we live are dangerous. You must not allow yourself to perish, you are the last hope of Lunar."

"We? What do you mean by that?" Jenna stared at the former goddess confused and awed.

"I have been reborn Jenna, on Lunar." The goddess of love smiled upon Jenna.

"But, why? You gave up your immortality to be with Alex."

"Yes, however the ebb and flow of time would not allow prophesy to go unfulfilled. The goddess must be reborn to save Lunar from the Unholy Soldier." Her image began to fade.

"Please, tell me where we can find you Althena, I must know!!!" Jenna cried out for the goddess, pleading to know her better.

"I can not maintain this link much longer Jenna, just know that you are Lunar's only hope, discover the goddess, without her, Noread can not be defeated." Her voice and image trailed off into the darkness.

"Don't leave me alone in this darkness. Althena no!!!" Jenna yelled after her, but the darkness and silence of this place yet again answered her. *she crouched into a ball, scared of what may be her death. A light shone above her, though below she could see her lifeless body back on the Destiny. "If I go towards the light, I'll be at peace, but then my friends, all those I love, my home, they'd all be destroyed." Again she looked upon her lifeless body. "But, how can I defeat the Unholy Soldier." She sighed, realizing that while here, she was dead, the image of herself becoming more faint with each passing minute. "He's killed me once, next time I may not get another chance to live." She reached towards her limp body. "But I can not allow my world to die" Darkness completely filled her mind as she reunited body with soul.