Dark Uprisings
Chapter 11: A Night to Remember

Blaring sirens awoken the warriors. Violent jarrings of the Destiny could be felt as each one stumbled out of bed. Jenna and Krysta were the first two to make it to the hallway, their swords already in their hands. Moments after, Delwynn, Demos, and Aguinar popped from their rooms, Genn appearing last. Each one with a weapon in hand. Jenna and Krysta led everyone to the upper deck, where numerous battles were going on, a man dressed totally in black, except for a white streak through the center of all his armor, commanding the entire attack. Jenna looked at him.

"You! You're the one who's been haunting my dreams." Jenna brought forth her scimitar.

The man hovered directly to her front. "My dear, we are of kindred spirits, you have been in my dreams as well. Unfortunately I can't allow you to proceed."

"Just who the hell are you?" She lunged forward with her sword, but the dark warrior teleported behind her to safety.

"Are you really that dense? I'm the one you seek to destroy. I am Noread, the one you would call the Unholy Soldier." He took a bow and brandished his sword.

The others were too busy protecting the rest of the crew from the monsters as Jenna and Noread faced off. Noread began gathering energy in his sword, as Jenna did the same.

"Ground Crusher!" Noread slammed his sword into the deck of the boat.

"Dragon Quake!" Jenna tossed her scimitar into the air as black bolts flew from it to the deck.

Each warrior waited patiently but nothing happened. Jenna's sword finally returned to her hand as Noread grabbed for his. Jenna charged her foe, and slashed downward, only to have her blade kiss the steal of Noread's. Noread then spun and swept low for her legs, he too was blocked. Jenna began gathering energy around her scimitar, preparing for the Dragon Cannon attack. Noread began gathering energy in his hand.

Jenna brought her scimitar to point at Noread. "Dragon Cannon!" A white beam of pure energy blasted towards him.

"Malice Ball!" A stream of purple energy shot towards Jenna.

Again the two warriors came to a stalemate as each continued to hold their collided blasts, each trying to outmatch the other. Neither wanted to give, but each one's power failed at the same moment, the beams dying peacefully. Noread charged Jenna this time with a swipe at her stomach, promptly blocked, and then a cut to the leg. He reeled in pain as her scimitar caught his arm, only for her to fall back because his blade had also kissed her leg.

"Graaa. You're good, much better then I thought." He hovered back and called for his minions. "You surprise me, but next time I will not be so lenient." A black portal opened and swallowed him and his followers away.

"Jenna!" Genn ran to her side, picking her up so her leg wouldn't have weight on it.

"Who was that?? A wanna-be Magic Emperor?" Demos flew in and landed on Jenna's shoulder. "Ouch, does that gash on your leg hurt?"

"If what he said is true, then even if we do have a dragonmaster at our side, we still may be unable to beat him." Aguinar helped Genn carry the wounded girl down to the medic.

The gash in her leg closed up, glowing a faint black. Streaks of decay swept through her body from the wound. She looked up to Aguinar and Genn, a frantic cry for help escaping from her eyes in the form of but a single tear. But that would be the last, her eyes glazed over into a pale white, the purity in it however was replaced by darkness. purple energy began to glow from her eye sockets, as her body shook from the poison of the dark one's weapon played it's course. Aguinar tried every healing spell he knew as he rushed to the sick bay down below, yet nothing worked. Her body took one last convulsion then went totally limp.

"Jenna?" Demos nudged her face. "Please Jenna, wake up." a tear rolled down the side of his face.

Genn touched his hand to her cheek, an eerie chill came over him. "Come on girl, you can't die on us now."

Aguinar just kneeled beside her and watched as the life slipped away from her body. Krysta soon came below deck, Delwynn close behind her. Krysta looked over Jenna, but found nothing wrong. Then came Delwynn's turn.

He looked at her wound, and the blackness that was overtaking her body. "If we don't get her Althena's Tear soon, and I mean within six hours, Jenna will be lost to us forever."

"Jenna, no." Demos curled up beside her, resting his head on her shoulder. "Please Jenna, don't die on me."