Dark Uprisings
Chapter 10: Shadows

The final corridor to the Black dragon, was winding, and long. However, when they finally reached the end, darkness yet again greeted them. Loud rumblings could be heard, but nothing could be seen. The cavern itself seemed alive, with it's slight tremors.

"Welcome back Delwynn, are these the ones that defeated you?" A deep, almost ancient voice stirred through the cavern, yet still within it was a tone of regality and serenity. "I am most impressed that you would be defeated so easily."

The black void came to life in many dark hues as a strange light filled up the cavern. A large, almost demonic creature loomed throughout the room, it's bluish-black eyes watching the humans. An air of royalty surrounded the great beast as he presented himself fully. "I am the keeper of the Black dragon armor, named Amythyst by Althena." As the lights in the room grew brighter, the demonic creature began to take full shape as the black dragon. His scales were a deep purple, almost black. His wings similar to a bats in structure, yet not in function.

Aguinar bowed before the great beast. "We come for your armor great dragon."

Jenna looked up to the creature in total awe. "I didn't know Althena's dragons could be so big, I thought Nall was supposed to be strongest."

"Ah, so you have passed the test of another of my kind already. Contrary to belief, the eldest is not the strongest. It is often my clan, the Black dragons, which is strongest. That is why Althena asked for my first ancestor to forge the armor of which I shall bestow upon you."

"So then why aren't you tetrarch of the dragon tribes?" Demos landed on the great dragon's nose.

"Ah, so the rumors were true. A yellow dragon has been born into the great tribe of dragons. As for your question little one, while it's true that I am the most powerful dragon, Nall, our tetrarch, is the wisest of us all. As you will learn as you age, tetrarch is a title of great respect given to the dragon who has gained the most wisdom. If you are lucky, you may one day hold that title. Now, dragon warriors, please take my armor and find yourself one step closer to attaining the ultimate goal, as protector of Althena."

A cavern opened up behind the dragon, and a path formed directly to it. Delwynn lead the two down the path, but stopped at the entrance to the cavern. He motioned for them to go in alone. Again, two sets of Dragon equipment was found, and both warriors quickly took what was rightfully thiers.

"So, only three more items remain. But which one of us will it be?" Jenna had finished lacing the surprisingly light armor to her body.

"I don't know. We may have to fight to see which of us is stronger." Aguinar followed her lead and put his armor on as well.

Each pair of Dragon wings immediately attached itself to thier backs, completeing the connection of the White and Black dragons. A bright light enveloped them and they found themselves, and everyone else, back onboard the Destiny. Krysta had finally woken up.

"Congratulations, only three more obsticles to go. Helmsman! Set course for the cave of the Blue dragon." As the ship started moving again, she lead the party, which now included Delwynn, down to the cabin for a much needed rest.