Dark Uprisings
Chapter 1: An Unholy Night
"I looked to the night sky, the time had finally come. This would be the beginning of events that'd soon forever change the fate of Lunar. Not only was the Blue Star fully visible this night, but the vanishing occurred this same night. The vanishing is a strange occurrence in which the Blue Star disappears completely for a few minutes. The vanishing is very rare, and occurs only once in 30,000 years, but to occur on a night when the Blue Star is completely visible had never happened before. I knew that tonight was the unholy night in which the world of Lunar would change forever. I took my sword in hand and strapped it's scabbard at my side. Then I left what had been my home of 20 years, my entire life, to begin my journey."

Thus the journey began, and what fates would befall this young man, are imaginable to only a small percentage of citizens on Lunar. The Unholy Soldier, as he was later called, would never again be the same innocent youth he once was.

"Jenna!! Where are you???" A young golden furred cat called out for his friend.

"I'm in the tree Demos." A young girl of roughly 16 years jumped from the tree and landed a few feet away from her furry friend. Her silver hair almost glistened as it was strewn about by the light wind. Her sapphire eyes sparkled as if they were made from the precious gem. She wore about her a shirt, common to the populous of Lunar, yet somehow unique. It was made of a material that existed not on Lunar, but instead the Blue Star. Her red cape was swept silently in the wind as she stood to her full height.

"Well excuse me for not wanting to waist my time looking for you." Demos spread his wings and flew up to the shoulder of the young lady. "So  Jenna, gotten into any trouble tonight?"

"Excuse me? Me, in trouble? It'd would never happen." Jenna looked at Demos, shocked that he would even suggesting such an atrocious thing. "I've just been gazing at the Blue Star, it's so beautiful tonight."

"Well yeah, but tonight's the vanishing. You'll never again get to see this in your lifetime." Demos smiled at her. "Well, we better get going, you know how angry Genn can get if we're late for dinner."

This struck her like a club to the back of her head. "Oh no, we're gonna be late. Hold on tight Demos." She ran off towards a wagon in the distance.

The wagon camp consisted of only one wagon, the flying cat, Jenna, and Genn. Genn stood over the fire tending a pot of soup. He was a rather burly man, with a short, raven black hair and beard. He seemed far too old to be one of Jenna's friends, yet had been her best friend ever since she could remember. "Hey, you almost missed dinner, I saved just barely enough soup for the 2 of you." Genn chuckled lightly.

"Sorry Genn, I didn't realize what time it was." Jenna grabbed a bowl and filled it with soup. "Have you noticed the Blue Star?"

"Yeah, but this isn't quite the vanishing that is spoken of in legends. This is the only time that the Blue Star has been fully visible during the vanishing."

"So what exactly does that mean?" Demos landed on Genn's head.

"Well, the chosen one will now become the Unholy Soldier, and the world will soon forever change into something far more twisted then what Zophar had in mind." Genn finished his soup and continued. "But, there is nothing we can do, so we may as well enjoy the rest of our lives."

"What do you mean Genn, you are not usually as carefree about something as you are now. We must find a way to prevent this change. I know you want to keep on living, at least as you are now. There is a way we can stop this, I know it." Jenna seemed more grown up then ever now.

"Well now young lady, what do you think we can do?" Genn seemed most intrigued by her, now more then ever.

"Well duh, I think she means we should destroy the Unholy Soldier" Demos was a rather annoying little bugger.

"Exactly! If we can destroy him before all the events unfold, we may be able to prevent the changes." Jenna had strapped up her sword. "Now, how long do we have?"

"No more then 15 days. If you really think we can stop this, then let's get going." He hefted up his axe, and strapped it to his back. Then he hopped onto the wagon driver's seat. "Well now, you two coming?"

Jenna and Demos jumped onto the seat next to him. "Let's go, we must hurry if we are to save Lunar." Jenna smiled, and hugged her friend.