A New Beginning

Zophar had already been defeated once, and now was in his Omni-form. He knew that the only thing preventing his full control over Lunar, was Lucia, yet he couldn't kill her, not yet anyway. He had to tear her soul from her, empty her heart. The only means he could yet see to accomplish this, was to destroy the young warrior Hiro and his companions, a task that he would have extreme difficulty with since the power of humanity had shown through. Even now in his dimension of death and destruction, he could feel his power dwindling. He couldn't allow himself to be beaten by a mortal.

"Zophar!!! Let Lucia go, or I myself will rend you limb from limb." Hiro's power surged a thousand times stronger then any of his companions, his love and rage willing him to destroy his foe.

"You come into my domain and expect me to succumb to your will?" He laughed, after having thought words useless in the first encounter. "Who do you think I am, Ghaleon? I will never release Lucia you foolish mortal, her fate is sealed, and now that you traverse in my realm, so to has yours." The dark god again began laughing.

Hiro watched in awe and horror as his fearsome opponent took on his true form, merging into his dimension of hell. Zophar now towered over the pitiful young hero. Using his massive left hand he slammed Hiro, knocking him into his companions. His other hand then performed an arcane gesture, causing a glowing circle of the dead to appear underneath the party. Everyone looked at the glowing circle, and battled among themselves to escape, Jean and Ruby getting caught as the deadly Hell Wave went off. They came crashing to the ground and were crushed into it by the force of the dead souls being returned to the Hell from whence they came. His eyes then began glowing as energy was drawn into them, preparing for a discharge of immense power. He felt a tingling sensation on his right hand as Leo performed his Flash Cut technique, then again as Hiro used his Poe Sword technique. Zophar then looked at Lemina, and discharged the energy from his eyes. The power was so intense that it burned right through the young lady, killing her in the most painful manner possible, and finally slamming into Ronfar, knocking him to the ground in front of Zophar's immense left hand. He lifted it upward as Ronfar tried to roll out of the way, only to become yet another part Zophar's domain of the dead. Lucia cried out as she saw each of her friends eradicated one by one. Zophar only smirked and created another Hell Wave under Leo, who ran for cover immediately, as Hiro performed his Sybillum Sword technique. Zophar began again gathering energy into his eyes, as Leo performed his Flash Cut technique on his head, causing considerable damage. The master of Darkness shook it of and blasted Leo with the pure dark energy from his eyes, causing him to become ash to be spread about the world by the four winds. Hiro watched as the last of his comrades fell, slowly moving away from the dark god.

"What's wrong Hiro, feeling more alone then ever before?" Zophar showed signs of humor and hatred as he mocked the young boy.

"As long as I have the beliefs of everyone on Lunar behind me, I am never alone. Even in the darkness of this abyss, the power of humanity shines brighter then a billion suns, and that power, Zophar, you can never defeat." He panted as he spoke, for this much of the battle had drained him of his energy, from now on he was drawing off everyone else on Lunar.

"HAHAHAHA!!! If you really believe the power of humanity is that strong, then you've already lost." Zophar raised both of his hands above his head, all of Hiro's energy being drawn into a ball of energy. "For you see, I too can tap into the powers of humanity, by draining you of life."

Hiro looked in terror as he fell limp to the ground, gasping as his last words were forced from his lips. "You will never succeed, Althena won't allow it!" His eyes glazed over leaving only the dark god and Lucia.

"HIRO!!!!!!!" Lucia broke free of the prison Zophar had her locked in. She ran to the fallen youth. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!" She turned to Zophar, her blue eyes beginning to glow red with anger, hatred, fury, and love. "This has gone too far, it ends now." She raised her hand into the air, a bright, white, light filling the domain of darkness. "Althena's Light, Shine forth!!!" Now there was nothing left to stop her from turning loose Althena's power to eradicate this dark evil that threatened the goddesses people. The ball of light in her hand grew larger, changing to a bright yellow. She lowered her hand pointing at Zophar, the yellow light firing towards him, shining with every color of the rainbow as it enveloped him, the dark abyss of his realm, and within a few seconds, the entire world of Lunar. The glowing subsided and all that remained on Lunar, was Lucia, crying at the loss of those she loved, and the world she was charged to protect.

"Now, it is time to recreate the world, as Althena had always meant for it to be." She cried, realizing that she'd never be able to recreate Hiro. However she still pressed forward to accomplish a goal that would have taken eons, had she not had to destroy Lunar, the rebirth of the Blue Star, where she created humans to repopulate the once again flourishing world. And thus she was born the goddess of creation and life, Lucia, protector of the Blue Star.